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My fitness

Name: Milan

Age: 20

Location: Columbus, OH

Current Weight: 120-125

Goal Weight:I'm happy with my weight

What your fitness goals are: to become more healthy, fit, a flatter stomach, and more toned shoulders and arms
What about your body that you want to change: flatter stomach, more toned shoulders and arms (like Danielle Edwards and Amy Fahdli-fitness models/figures)

What your current workouts involve: running, elliptical machine, pilates, stability ball, push ups, and rollerblading

Anything else: ladies, you've got to check out Oxygen magazine. It's a fitness magazine for women and it's very very informative. I've gotten hella work out routines, healthy recipes, and loads of fitness and nutrition information. Ladies of all different shapes, sizes, colors, etc can gain something from this great magazine.
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