Ash Nicole* (nnedofluvn) wrote in sexyasiwannabe,
Ash Nicole*

sorry its taken me so long to post...

My name is Ashley and i live in Raleigh, NC.
Last time i checked i weighed 135 but my mom took the scale from me. I want to weigh around 120. I usually run track year-round and my coach makes me stay above 140 because it's "unhealthy" for me to be under that weight and as active as i am. But I broke my foot at the beginning of the season and broke it again because im impatient sooo ive been quite inactive for some time now. I still cant do any lower body workouts and they dont know when i'll be able to. So i've just been trying to be strict on calories and do some upper body and ab things...! but i really wish i could do more but i dont know what else i could do?
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