white trash beautiful (_violentj) wrote in sexyasiwannabe,
white trash beautiful

Aly was talking about this community, so i thought I'd join in an atempt to motivate myself a bit more.

Name: Amber
Age: 15, almost 16
Location: BC, Canada
Current Weight: 160
Goal Weight: 140
What your fitness goals are:toner arms, thighs and stomach.
What about your body that you want to change: [Keep in mind FITNESS, not plastic surgery] my stomach has a really weird shape to it, there's a crease just above my belly button, so it makes it look like i have two stomachs, and buldgy? if that makes any sence, it looks really weird and I'm hoping if i tone up my stomach and loose a bit of weight I can get rid of it.
What your current workouts involve: none yet, i'm starrting one on monday.
...and whatever else you want to add! Every summer for the past 3 years i've said i'm gonna get into shape and be happy with my body, and this year i'm ACTUALLY GOING TO DO IT. [even though i've said that every year as well, but no one needs to know that ;)]
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