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My sister joined this community although I don't think that she has filled out her application yet, but I'm looking to lose some weight that I recently gained, so I came to you guys. This summer is gonna be a summer of change for me, not only weight, but attitude and my whole outlook on life, and I'm looking forward to doing all of these things!

Name: Aneva
Age: 17
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Current Weight: hmmm...funny thing is...I would say if my sister wasn't a member...I'm not comfortable posting it right now, but maybe I will later
Goal Weight: 110
What your fitness goals are: I want to weigh 110..but not if it's gonna cost my figure. I have always been curvy, and I still want to have a shape, but I just want to be a little slimmer, and tone up
What about your body that you want to change: [Keep in mind FITNESS, not plastic surgery] I want to get my thighs smaller and tone them and I want to get rid of the belly that I've recently gained
What your current workouts involve: It's not like I never workout, but it's never consistent at all...but when I do I jog on the treadmill, ride the stationary bike, and use the elipticle..and for abs I do crunches and do ball changes, with those big balls.

...and whatever else you want to add! I've always had a weird relationship with food...this year I gained some weight and I've just been really unhappy about it, and I'm finally at the point where I'm tired of just complaining about it and I'm ready to take some steps to get a change in things.
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