Milan (vivacious1083) wrote in sexyasiwannabe,

My eventual physique- just give me time!

Her physique is off the chain!
This is physique that I working out hard towards. I like my body, I just want to enhance it, naturally haahhaa not artificially. I just look to her physique for motivation because I want my stomach to be flat and toned like hers and how her arms are gorgeously toned. My stomach isn't big, it's flat just not toned as for arms also, they're a nice size they just could use some more toning and strength! My legs are muscular because I run and do pilates so I really just want my arms and stomach in check. If anyone's into the fitness world then you know that this is Danielle Edwards. Check out her website sometime: It's a nice site and she's very good about answering any questions you may have on fitness or different work out ideas.
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